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The Capital of the Province, the city of Alicante is practically in the center of the Costa Blanca, in the Bay formed between Cabo de las Huertas and Santa Pola.

Currently it has more than three hundred thousand inhabitants. In one of the ends of the city is the Postiguet Beach and in the other, the Canalejas Park, and next to it, the Fish Market converted into the best exhibition hall in Alicante. The other element that defines the city of Alicante is its Santa Bárbara castle, very well preserved.

The streets of the center of Alicante are full of bars and cafes that transform the city into a great leisure area. As a capital, Alicante is a city of services and commerce for the whole province, highlighting the surroundings of the Avenida de Maisonnave, all the streets adjacent to the Central Market of Avda. Alfonso el Sabio, in addition to the historic center of streets such as Castaños, Mayor , San Francisco, Gerona, etc.


Alicante is a charming city that develops a cheerful and luminous face to the sea. It is located in a beautiful setting, in the same city we find great sandy beaches, numerous parks, and a careful and beautiful urbanism that unfolds around a mountain.

All this, together with a mild climate with many hours of sunshine per year, makes Alicante offer a high quality of life to its inhabitants, which is reflected in the cordial and relaxed manner in which they receive their visitors.

Alicante is a very hospitable city, that invites to walk and to know its monuments, which are not few as we can verify when walking through its avenues. The City Council even offers free guided tours.


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