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Known as the “New York of the Mediterranean”, Benidorm is the city with more skyscrapers in Spain, the city with more skyscrapers per inhabitant in the world and the city with more skyscrapers per square meter in the world after New York.

It is one of the most important and well-known tourist destinations in Spain and throughout the Mediterranean thanks to its beaches and nightlife, reaching up to 400,000 inhabitants in summer. Not in vain, Benidorm is the third city with more hotel beds in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.

A good part of the initial attractions of Benidorm were due to its location, on the Mediterranean coast, in front of a beautiful bay, split in two by the rocky point of the old castle and with an orientation to the south, while for the rest of the cardinal points found the protection of so many mountain ranges that protect it from the dominant winds of Levante or the cold of the North, so the microclimate that is enjoyed, especially in spring, winter and autumn, is extremely benign, with temperatures significantly higher than in the rest of the coast and with sea water within limits that allow bathing all the time.

The attraction of Benidorm lies in its three beaches endowed with blue flag, the highest distinction granted by the European Union. These three beaches are: Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas, to which the small cove of Tío Chimo and La Almadrava is added. Also for a lively and varied nightlife.

A fine golden sand, transparent waters and beaches that have a clean and careful appearance all year round are the hallmarks of Benidorm’s maritime façade.

At its northern end, two small coves of sand and rock, Cala del Tio Ximo and Cala Almadrava, which are very suitable for diving and for those who like a solitary bath.

Behind them, begins the bustling promenade of the popular Playa de Levante, which to its full services adds the attraction of showing a lively image throughout the year.

To the south of the port, the Poniente Beach competes in beauty and services with the previous one, and both have in common that, thanks to its orientation, in winter the sun bathes them until their sunset and in summer until after eight o’clock. Between both, in a section that corresponds to the old town and sheltered from Cerro Canfali is the small Cala de Mal Pas and, in front of it, the Benidorm Island, a paradise for scuba divers.

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